David Milliken
David MillikenBarrister & Mediator

Family law specialist:

• Care of Children
• Relationship Property
• Estate Disputes
• Adoption
• Spousal Maintenance
• Guardianship Disputes


After graduating with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1981 and then being admitted to the bar, David Milliken worked in marketing and international trade until 1987. He then worked in Auckland and Hamilton law firms, gaining a wide range of experience in all areas of civil and family litigation.

While in Hamilton, David Milliken gained an appointment as Lawyer for Children, being an appointment through the Family Court to represent children in parenting and other cases. David has retained that appointment and regularly appears in the Family Court and High Court in that capacity. David also has a wide range of experience in mediation in all disputes to do with family law.

Since moving to Wellington and joining the independent bar in 2005, David has practised solely in family law. David has many years of practical experience in dealing with difficult, entrenched and complex family law problems. These often involve children and property disputes where it is important to get to the heart of the matter and resolve matters quickly if possible. He has strong practical skills used in negotiation and mediation, and can achieve a settlement if the dispute lends itself to that. He also has many years of litigation experience which can assist in resolving matters through the Court if necessary. David Milliken is an experienced Court advocate who is well used to representing adults and children in the Family Court and in the High Court.

David Milliken | Main areas of Practice

  • Care of Children: day to day care, contact, guardianship, including advice and guidance to clients prior to and during family disputes resolution (FDR), and advice and representation in the Family Court and High Court. David has a particular interest in cases involving the alienation of children in parenting cases and the relocation of children both nationally and internationally.
  • Relationship Property: regularly advising clients on all relationship property issues often leading to settlements and drafting and advising on agreements between couples. David also has appeared in a number of relationship property cases in the Family Court and High Court.
  • Estate Disputes: Family Protection Act claims, Law Reform (Testamentary Promises Act claims) and Relationship Property claims relating to an estate of a spouse or partner.
  • Adoption: seeking adoption orders and international adoption orders.
  • Spousal Maintenance: including drafting spousal maintenance agreements and appearing in Court in maintenance cases.

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