We are delighted to welcome four new barristers as members of Lambton Chambers: Ian Carter, Felix Geiringer, Tanya Kennedy and James Mahuta-Coyle.  Ian, Felix, Tanya and James between them bring a wealth of expertise in a wide variety of areas, which complement the fields of law already spanned by the existing members of Chambers.

While each member of Chambers acts entirely independently, between us we can offer specialist assistance in a very wide variety of areas of law. Lambton Chambers’ collective expertise now includes criminal law, general commercial and civil disputes, public law, insurance, regulatory issues, professional conduct, medico-legal, employment, family, tax, maritime, aviation, parliamentary governance, arbitration and mediation.


Ian is a public law specialist. He is well versed in litigating challenges to government decisions and advising on the lawfulness of government actions.  He has acted as lead counsel in most of the leading New Zealand cases in the higher courts in the immigration, refugee and human rights protection areas, which are often at the cutting edge of developments in public law.  He is an experienced trial and appellate advocate at all levels of the New Zealand court and tribunal system, in litigation that has culminated in hundreds of reported and unreported judgments.  He has worked in private practice at leading litigation practices in Auckland and Wellington and has acted for government parties for many years as a Senior Crown Counsel with Crown Law and as General Counsel and senior leadership team member within the intelligence community. View Profile

Lambton Chambers Barrister Felix Geiringer

Felix is a long-standing Wellington barrister previously practising at Terrace Chambers.  He has a broad practice and has undertaken many important cases in a wide range of legal fields including appearances in the New Zealand Supreme Court and the Privy Council.  He has previously worked as a barrister in London, and as a solicitor for Clifford Chance in London and Chapman Tripp in Wellington. View Profile

Tanya Kennedy - Lambton Chambers - Barrister

Tanya has extensive experience in employment law. She advises and represents employers, employees, and unions in the full range of employment law issues and institutions, including mediation, litigation, and conducting or representing clients in relation to employment investigation processes. She also has an interest in employment law and professional issues in the education sector. View Profile

James Mahuta Coyle Lambton Chambers

James Mahuta-Coyle has moved from Terrace Chambers where he was a barrister since 2012. Prior, he was an Advisor to Ministerial Services before joining public law specialist firm Chen Palmer, subsequently becoming an Associate. As a Barrister, James is experienced in public and administrative law including judicial review, privacy law, criminal law & commercial litigation. At present his practice is primarily focussed on commercial litigation including corporate/shareholder disputes, trust and property disputes and unit title-related litigation. View Profile