Pokémon Go craze raises questions on how augmented reality affects real-world rights

Augmented reality technology is another test for the law’s age-old struggle to keep up with innovation. Augmented reality (AR), the technology behind Pokémon Go, creates a virtual world that overlaps with the physical, so users can interact with a combination of both worlds in real time. AR has been flagged as a technology poised to [...]

2017-11-03T10:21:32+00:00Cyber Risk, Toby Gee|

What next for cyber resilience?

Businesses are increasingly recognising cyber security and cyber resilience requires active and vigilant engagement by the board and senior executive team, and should not be restricted to the IT department. With the introduction of mandatory data breach legislation in Australia expected later in 2016, it’s never been more important for all levels of an organisation [...]

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